21 Shows Like Gilmore Girls That Are as Cozy as a Snowy Night at Luke's Diner

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To the devoted Gilmore Girls fan, an episode of Amy Sherman-Palladino's sweet and savvy series is like a warm blanket or cup of cocoa on a cold night. It's hard to imagine life before Kirk's hilarious mishaps or Emily Gilmore's telling glances. We were blessed enough to get a sweet but much too brief reboot a couple years back, but like Lorelai with coffee, we're craving more.

Similar to many shows from the aughts (we're looking at you, Friends), Gilmore Girls has been regarded with nostalgic rose-colored lenses. It's hard to deny the show's lasting impact — the fandom continues to loudly love the show. And for a good reason; Sherman-Palladino has blessed us with complex women characters, snappy dialogue, and insatiable family drama. But like any show from the aughts, the show's legacy has been put under a microscope, too. We wouldn't quite file it as a deeply problematic fave, but in retrospect, it's hard to deny the show's neat glaze over matters of race and class as well as some manipulative behavior from its beloved characters.

While we're by no means opposed to a cozy rewatch of Gilmore Girls, there are plenty of similar shows to enjoy when you need a break from Lorelai and Rory's shenanigans. If you're craving the nostalgia and familiarity of Stars Hollow, read on to see our favorite shows that'll warm up even the curmudgeonly Luke Danes.
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