AEW fans in disbelief as ‘Hangman’ Adam Page drinks opponent’s BLOOD and they call it ‘craziest thing I’ve ever seen’

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AEW fans were left in total disbelief after ‘Hangman’ Adam Page drank the blood of his opponent Swerve Strickland.

And many branded it the “craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

‘Hangman’ Adam Page DRANK the blood of opponent Swerve Strickland live on TV
The vile incident occurred during an AEW Texas Deathmatch

The stomach-turning incident occurred during Saturday’s Texas Deathmatch at AEW Full Gear.

Page and Strickland put on a hell of a show as they battered each other bloody.

The pair used cinder blocks and steel chains in a brutal spectacle.

And it was Strickland who came out on top after he choked out his opponent.

However, Page was the wrestler capturing the headlines afterwards.

That’s because a sickening incident saw him DRINK Strickland’s blood.

Page disturbingly stapled a piece of paper to his enemy’s face before ripping it off painfully.

It left Strickland with blood pouring from his head.

But bizarrely, Page used it as an opportunity to put his mouth underneath the dripping blood while also covering his face in the process.

The vile moment certainly went down a storm with fans.

One said: “That was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another declared: “That was awesome, loved every minute of it.”

One noted: “So glad there’s an alternative to WWE, over there they’d have them eating cotton candy and drinking lemonade.”

But some fans weren’t so keen.

One yelled: “Unwatchable. This is one of the reasons WWE smokes y’all in ratings every week.”

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