Darts stars look unrecognisable as they dress up in disguise to go undercover in fan tournament

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DARTS stars were unrecognisable as they went undercover in a fan tournament.

Four famous darts players dressed up in disguises complete with prosthetics to play in a pub contest.

Paddy Power
Nathan Aspinall was one of the stars to be disguised[/caption]
Paddy Power
He was made to look significantly older[/caption]
Paddy Power
Joe Cullen had a massive ginger beard added to his face[/caption]
Paddy Power
He was left completely inrecognisable[/caption]

A group of punters fell for the prank as Paddy Power sent four undercover pros to play against them at the “The Ally Pally Open” at The Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell, London.

The fans came up against the likes of former Masters Champion Joe Cullen, Jonny Clayton, No 9 in the World, reigning match play champion Nathan Aspinall, (World No 6) and current Masters Champion Chris Dobey.

Cullen looked the most unrecognisable of the lot as he was made to wear a big ginger beard.

While Dobey was also completely changed as he had a black beard added to his face.

The stars went about their business in a professional manner as they beat the punters one by one.

As special guest MC John McDonald was about to do the honours, the player’s real identities were revealed.

The four stars stripped off their elaborate costumes and make-up, leaving the entire room floored.

KM Effects were behind the prosthetics and disguises of the players.


Paddy Power
Chris Dobey had a disguise of black hair and a beard[/caption]
Paddy Power
Clayton and Dobey looked completely different[/caption]

As a result, the players were all made to look significantly older and completely different.

A video of the day was shared on social media, with fans loving the prank.

One fan said: “Absolutely brilliant.”

A second commented: “Please post all the footage, this was awesome.”

Paddy Power
Clayton’s look was completed with grey hair[/caption]

A third wrote: “So so good! Something about Jonny mind….. could tell him a mile away I reckon haha.”

Another joked: “Johnny Clayton could be wearing a mask, and you’d still recognise that throw anywhere.”

The event was put down as a success by Paddy Power.

Paddy Power spokesperson Rachael Kane said: “I think it’s safe to say Christmas came early for everyone competing in our rigged event.

“It certainly put the smiles back on their faces when this group of lucky punters realised they’d been bumped out of the finals by a group of legends.”

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