Edgar Berlanga set to be banned for SIX MONTHS and handed huge fine for biting rival Alexis Angulo during fight

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BOXER Edgar Berlanga is set for a hefty $10,000 fine and a six-month ban after biting Alexis Angulo.

The Brooklyn-based star, 25, attempted the chomp during his super middleweight showdown against Angulo at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

Berlanga beat Angulo at MSG but the fight was marred by a bite in the seventh roundGetty
The American appeared to take a bite out of his opponents shoulder
Berlanga has since apologised but is set for a long ban and fine

He would go on to win the bout by unanimous decision and extend his unbeaten record to 20-0.

But Berlanga looks set for an extended period away from the ring and $10k out of pocket following his moment of madness.

The seventh-round incident – which was missed by the referee – was picked up by TV cameras as the pair did battle in New York.

And after the bout, Berlanga admitted that he tried to “do a Mike Tyson” on his opponent – but only because Angulo was allegedly using his elbows.

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He told ESPN: “He was throwing elbows. I was about to do a Mike Tyson on him.

“He kept throwing his elbows and pushing it out. I didn’t want to get cut.”

Berlanga’s excuse doesn’t appear to have gone down well with the New York State Athletic Commission.

He’s reportedly been slapped with a fine of $10,000 and a six month fighting ban.

Berlanga apologized for his actions on fight night but will not be eligible to return to the ring until December.

He wrote on Twitter: “I want to apologize for my actions and what I said yesterday about the Mike Tyson bite.

“I was in the moment and I got a little ahead of myself. It doesn’t take away from the embarrassment that I have caused upon myself, my team, [Top Rank], and many others.

“I reacted poorly and take full responsibility.

“Moving forward, I am going to be more mindful and encouraging in my behavior. Once again, I do apologize.”

Although his attempted bite failed to make proper contact on his opponents ear, Berlanga’s actions drew criticism from across the boxing world.

Promoter Lou DiBella wrote on Twitter: “If you bite your opponent like you’re a rabid dog you should be disqualified.”

And trainer Teddy Atlas commented: “Berlanga’s record is more impressive than his fighting. I’m going back to UFC fights.”

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