Fans convinced UFC is turning into OnlyFans as star Ailin Perez twerks in front of commentators after big win

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AILIN PEREZ celebrated her latest win by twerking in front of commentators – but fans fear the UFC us turning into OnlyFans.

The Argentine defeated Lucie Pudilova but it was her post-fight antics which made the headlines.

Ailin Perez celebrated her latest win by twerking in front of commentators
Perez also runs an OnlyFans account
Perez wants to fight Norma Dumont next
Perez went viral for her celebration

Perez went up against the octagon cage and twerked in front of the commentary desk.

And she even announced that her OnlyFans site was free as a result of winning the bout.

She said: “For anyone who wants to check out my OnlyFans, at this moment, it’s free.

“My OnlyFans is not pornography, it’s art. All my followers could prove that by checking it out.”

Despite Perez’s celebration, fans were not so overwhelmed.

One said: “When did ufc turn in to only fans.”

But another argued: “People will watch these people beat each other into two thirds of a coma but twerking is where they draw the line.”

Perez called to fight 10th-ranked contender Norma Dumont next in a bout she dubbed “The Battle of the Asses”.

She said: “Norma, I want you to stop running away from me.

“What bothered me a little bit is that she keeps trying to call me out to fight but then she doesn’t want to fight and keeps trying to run away and claiming that I’m doing that with her.

“Norma, you don’t just owe this fight to me but to the fans of South America because a lot of people want to see this fight, and I want to show the people that this is going to be a battle of asses.”

Perez poses after beating Lucie Pudilova[/caption]
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