Leigh players walk arm in arm ahead of first Challenge Cup final in 52 years

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ADRIAN Lam and Leigh are ready for a walk in the park – that park being Wembley.

The Leopards had to get a coach to the stadium for their familiarisation visit, even though they are staying in the hotel opposite – a maximum of two minutes’ trek.

Leigh’s players showed their togetherness ahead of the Challenge Cup final.GARY CARTER

But as they get ready for their first Challenge Cup final since 1971, the squad gathered arm in arm and paced together from the halfway line to one of the posts.

And Papua New Guinean coach Lam, whose side sits third in Super League, highlighted its significance.

He said: “That’s part of what we do every week. Nothing changed from what we’ve always been.

“We’ve tried to keep everything the same, no matter where we’re playing – simple and with clarity. Routine is important.

“It’s about making sure we’re linked before we start the session. We’re a close knit group and there’s a chain that can’t be broken.

“The whole idea’s to not break it. It reminds us of who we are and what our philosophy’s about, everyone buys into that.”

Leigh have experienced a peak in off-field sales and activity after defeating St Helens in the semi-final.

But Lam is adamant the build-up has been the same, adding: “It’s been business as usual.

“And now the lads who hadn’t been to Wembley have had a look, they’re pretty excited.”

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