Lewis Hamilton takes huge swipe at ‘negative’ F1 rival Max Verstappen after Las Vegas Grand Prix

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LEWIS HAMILTON has hit out at Max Verstappen’s criticism of the Las Vegas Grand Prix saying the star-studded race was one of the best of the year.

Verstappen had blasted the circus around this GP, labelling it “a show” and saying it was “99 per cent entertainment and one per cent race”.

Lewis Hamilton has hailed the Las Vegas GP as one of the best races of the season[/caption]
Hamilton finished the race in seventh[/caption]

The Red Bull ace had said it was more National League than Champions League and lashed out after the cringeworthy Superbowl-style opening ceremony.

But Hamilton, a long-term supporter of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, said: “I’m really, really happy to have had a positive race and I’m really grateful the race was so good.

“I really wasn’t expecting the track to be so great but the more and more laps you did I just really loved racing it.

“Lots of great overtaking opportunities and I think for all those who were so negative about the weekend, saying it was all about show blah blah blah, I think Vegas proved them wrong.”

Hamilton said the thrilling race proves that F1 can sustain three races in the US, as Vegas joins Miami and Austin on the calendar.

He added: “There has been criticism about having three races in the United States, and people talking about bringing back old classics from Europe.

“But this has provided a better race than most of the tracks we go to. Hats off to the people who ran the show.

“I cannot wait to come back and hopefully have a better race next year. I am really grateful to Vegas for having us.”


Verstappen went on to win the race, with Charles Leclerc finishing second and Sergio Perez third.

But it did not go to plan for Hamilton’s fellow Brit Lando Norris, who crashed out on the third lap.

The 24-year-old collided with the barriers at around 180mph before sliding down a straight and coming to a stop at the turn 12 run-off.

He was taken to hospital but later discharged with no significant injuries.

There was chaos even before the race started after two show cars leaked oil on the track, which subsequently left Verstappen furious.

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