Mason Greenwood protest planned by Manchester United fans before first Premier League home game of season

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MANCHESTER United fans are planning to stage a protest against Mason Greenwood’s potential return before the team’s first home game.

The supporters are set to make their feelings known during the sides’ Premier League curtain-raiser against Wolverhampton on Monday.

A group of Manchester United fans are planning a protest against a potential Mason Greenwood return at the side’s first home game on Monday
Greenwood has been suspended by the team since his arrest relating to an alleged attempted rape[/caption]

One of the group’s organisers told The Athletic: “It’s time for the club to stand up and make the right decision.

“It’s time to say, ‘We have high standards at United about how we expect players to conduct themselves and, if you do not meet those standards, you need to be moved out’.

“This is a tipping point for the club.”

They added that the case is a test of whether team bosses will side with “commercialism and trophies and money” or with their fans.

Protestors have created a large banner, decked out in United colours, bearing the messages “Female fans demand no Greenwood return” and “End violence against women”.

The 21-year-old striker is rumoured to be returning to the team after charges of attempted rape and coercive behaviour, as well as assault, against him were dropped earlier this year.

He has not played for United since he was arrested over the allegations in January last year.

While the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case against him in February due to “key witnesses” withdrawing and “new material coming to light”, he has remained suspended while the club concludes its own internal investigation.

Last week, Greenwood was snapped training in a park as his dad Andrew watched on, holding the footballer’s newborn baby girl in his arms.

The Sun exclusively revealed that top-level discussions about a possible return to Old Trafford are nearly concluded, while Greenwood has the backing of his teammates and manager Erik ten Hag.

However, he suffered a major blow to his hopes as he was excluded from the team’s provisional squad list last night.

However, protesting fans feel that a comeback would be an unacceptable slap in the face.

One woman involved in the group said: “As female fans, we have always been slightly marginalised.

“Sometimes your voice is ignored and you don’t get taken as seriously as others.

“On an issue like this, it feels like an attack on all of us.

“If Greenwood did come back, it would be serious enough to make many fans re-evaluate their relationship with the club.”

All charges against him were dropped in February[/caption]
Discussions over a potential comeback are due to conclude soon[/caption]
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