Majorca on ‘red alert’ for Spain vs Germany Euros CLASHES as motorbike cops & plain clothed officers swarm hols hotspot

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MAJORCA has desperately called in cops on motorbikes and undercover officers for the Spain vs Germany match as tensions are set to flare on the island.

The National Police have confirmed a special security operation has been prepared in Playa de Palma on Friday – where most German tourists will be for the big game.

Some cops will be going undercover for the Spain vs Germany match in Playa de Palma[/caption]
In May riot police armed with weapons charged towards the fans
Officers chased after them down the strip as horrified tourists watched on in horror

Although little detail has been provided, they confirmed the operation will be made up of public safety units like police intervention, prevention and reaction units.

Cops will be seen on motorbikes or perhaps not at all as some will go undercover in plain clothing.

Despite these seemingly intense provisions, bars across the Spanish island have other plans for tourists.

The president of the Mallorca CAEB Restaurant Association, Alfonso Robledo, say many places are installing extra TV screens and increasing stock of provisions like alcohol.

These changes are predominantly happening in the tourist areas like Playa de Palma and Peguera.

But Mr Robledo suggested that the 6pm timing of the match was inconvenient, especially for the restaurant sector that won’t see much of the revenue.

Fans going the heavy night without eating may also encourage more alcohol-induced commotion.

He said: “Watching the match in a bar with friends is more fun than at home.

However, the time, at six o’clock in the evening, doesn’t help”.

He continued: “People will watch the match and will not make dinner reservations because they don’t know exactly when the Germany-Spain match will end;

“it depends on whether there is extra time, penalties, etc. Restaurants don’t have the capacity to install screens because of the layout”.

Majorca is a hugely popular holiday destination for Germans.

According to the Statstica, Germans were the number one tourists to visit the island in 2022.

The country are currently tackling with political violence after a series of physical attacks happened to local and leading politicians – blaming a rise of the far right.

A few months ago fans of Germany‘s “ultra” footy team Alemannia Achen were chased down and fired at with rubber bullets by Majorca’s riot team.

Tourists were left fleeing the scene in Playa de Palma in May as officers from the National Police UPR unit looked to break up a group of some fifty people.

The majority were fans of Alemannia Aachen, a German football club from the western city of Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, who have just been promoted to the 3. Liga – Germany’s third tier.

The club’s ultras are said to be linked to the extreme right.

The group had attacked a doorman at the Bamboleo bar on Carrer del Pare Bartomeu Salvà, near the beach, the Majorca Daily Bulletin report.

A fight with other security personnel then followed, it was added, with significant damage caused to the bar.

Officers holding weapons could be seen running after a group clad in yellow and black – the colours of Alemannia Aachen – in front of horrified onlookers.

Amongst the chaos on the strip were other tourists fleeing to safety as the police began firing rubber bullets in the direction of the troublemakers.

Fellow tourists cowered away on the side of the streets and ran into other bars for cover.

As of recent, Majorca has been slamming down on tourism.

The idyllic Balearic island has seen violent gangs, bar brawls and anti-tourist protests stain its good name.


LIKE Britain, Germany has been infected by football hooliganism since the 1980s - but it was perhaps worse in the 1990s.

One of the most shocking incidents was during the 1998 World Cup in France, when a policeman was left with permanent brain damage following an attack by German louts.

Two years later at the Euro 2000 tournament in Belgium, an English fan was stabbed as compatriots battled in the streets with German ones.

It seemed to have been stamped out by intelligence led policing, but in the past few years it’s flared up again.

In 2017 the kick-off at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in London had to be delayed due to trouble caused by visiting fans from the German side Cologne.

New rules in the Balearic Islands

THE Spanish government has some strict rules in place for those visiting Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

Certain restaurants have dress codes, banning tops without straps, swimwear or football kits.

Holidaymakers can also be fined for walking around topless or in a state of undress while not on the beach.

You could even get into trouble for driving topless.

At some hotels, men might have to wear proper trousers for dinner.

Authorities in Majorca are cracking down on tourists by imposing fresh bans on drinking on the streets and graffiti.

Any tourist breaching the new rules could be slapped with a fine of £1,300.

The penalty can be increased up to £2,600, in case the grounds of the offence are more serious.

Fines for graffiti, vandalism and loud slogans have also been increased to £2,600.

If minors are found to commit graffiti vandalism, their parents will be held responsible – and will be forced to pay the fine.

Flooding the streets with banners, posters and advertising brochures is now prohibited.

Destroying listed buildings, monuments, and other important public areas would be considered a serious offence – and could attract fines of up to £2,600

Majorca is a very popular destination for German tourists[/caption]
Bars are expected to be mobbed for the big game[/caption]
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Majorca has had a clamp down on tourism as of recent[/caption]
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