My dad is an NFL commentary icon – I’m so excited to follow him and call the Super Bowl on Sky Sports

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I’m so looking forward to covering my first Super Bowl – in my opinion, my dad Kevin Harlan is the best broadcaster to ever do it.

He just won national sportscaster of the year for the third time, so other people think so too!

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson  (8) interviewed by Sky Sports at the end of the game.Olivia Harlan-Dekker is an NFL reporter for Sky Sports
Olivia will be working the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this weekend[/caption]

There’s no way to know if I would’ve found myself here without his influence. I love the industry so much and the job as a Sky Sports NFL reporter suits me so much.

I’m from Kansas City but I’m more of a Green Bay Packers supporter because my grandfather was president of the Packers for 20 years.

My husband Sam plays professional basketball for the London Lions so we were thrilled to go there – everything about the city suits us.

This opportunity with Sky Sports presented itself and now it just feels like this is where we were always meant to go.

Don’t tell my family but we both want to stay in London forever.

I’ve covered the NFL for 10 years but this opportunity with Sky is so great because I get to be part of this growing snowball of love for this sport overseas that I’ve grown up in.

It’s amazing to watch it continue to spread, sometimes you feel like you’re educating, which is an honour.

Me and my dad have had a chance to call a couple games together on the same broadcast and that’s just the biggest honour for me because he’s the person I want to impress the most in the business.

I am always trying to impress him like many kids trying to impress their parents.

NFL broadcasting is everything I love, but I still don’t know if I would’ve necessarily found my way there without someone in the family house already doing it.

I always wanted to be a country music singer. I even wrote some original songs and spent every penny I had driving to Nashville and trying to record some songs. I guess I would’ve ended up with a microphone in my hand either way.

Everything about the Super Bowl is larger than life – it takes over America. Every year comes with one memorable part that we’ll always reference back.

I have a hard time thinking we’ll remember this as anything other than the Taylor Swift Super Bowl.

You’ve got to think the NFL is thrilled the Chiefs made the Super Bowl and this narrative continues on.

I have no problem with the NFL showing her on screen, she’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

It’s great that it’s brought another audience and you hear so many stories of little girls who had no interest in football and now want to watch when the Chiefs play to see a couple of seconds of their favourite pop star and that’s beautiful.

A lot of daughters and fathers are watching NFL together, how can you be mad at that?

I think it will be a low scoring game – these defences are really good.

Patrick Mahomes, even though he doesn’t have the weapons in seasons past, he still reaches ‘playoff Pat’.

He reaches a whole new level like in a video game, he unlocks a new level in the playoffs.

I think the Chiefs will be hard to stop because they have all the confidence in the world, they have the experience in this game, and it’s impossible to look at them when they’re in this mode and think anyone can stop them.

Her dad is NFL commentary icon Kevin Harlan[/caption]
Olivia has covered the NFL for 10 years but took a role with Sky in 2023[/caption]
She lives in London with her basketball-playing husband, Sam Dekker of the London Lions[/caption]
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