My heart stopped and I was dying but my hero girlfriend saved my life with CPR… I’m lucky to be here, says footballer

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FC UNITED of Manchester star Adam Dodd is recovering from a cardiac arrest suffered earlier this month and has now revealed his girlfriend saved his life.

The popular full-back has become a fans’ favourite since joining the club in 2019, but was absent as they prepared to compete in the Fenix Trophy final in Rimini.

Adam Dodd has revealed his girlfriend saved his life after he suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this monthAlamy
The left-back suffered a cardiac arrest on June 3 with his partner saving his lifeRex

Dodd, 29, suffered a cardiac arrest on the night of June 3, with quick thinking from his girlfriend and swift treatment from medics saving his life.

He awoke four days later and has now begun the long road to recovery, having been fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) like Christian Eriksen.

In an open letter to fans on FC United’s website, he wrote: “I’m Adam Dodd, 29 work as a plumber and play footy semi-professionally for FC United of Manchester.

“On the 3rd of June my life was completely turned upside down, I went to bed as normal with my girlfriend and a couple hours later, she woke up to the sounds of me in cardiac arrest. My heart had stopped and I was dying.



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“Luckily, she heard my gasping and called 999 and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived 16 minutes later.

“If I hadn’t received this CPR I would have died or would be brain dead. The chances of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest are 3 per cent.

“When the ambulance arrived, they shocked me with a defibrillator and it took a few attempts to get my pulse back.

“I was taken to Blackpool Hospital and put on the intensive care ward in an induced coma where I remained for four days. They were worried about brain damage and didn’t know if I would wake up.

“I have no memory of any of this, but I can imagine how traumatic this would have been for my loved ones, not knowing if I would wake up, and if I did, if I would have severe brain damage.

“On the 7th June I was awoken from the coma and I have since been recovering in hospital.

“Because of the high-quality CPR I received and the amazing care from the NHS I am making a good recovery and I am waiting for a defibrillator to be fitted before I can return home.

“I am extremely lucky to be alive and I want to raise awareness about the importance of being CPR trained and people knowing about public defibrillators and how to use them because this is what can save someone’s life.

“I’ve always been a fit lad and looked after myself and would never expect anything like this to happen to me, but that’s how quickly life can be turned upside down.

“I am not going to be able to work, play football or drive for a while and the recovery process will take time, but I am just grateful to be alive.

“Thank you so much for all the messages of support, it means the world to me and is helping me on my road to recovery.

“Love, Doddy x.”

Dodd is now set to embark on the long road to recovery, as he describes having gone to “hell and back”.

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A crowdfunder has been set up to help support him financially during his recovery.

*You can help Doddy’s cause by clicking here.

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