Premier League cult hero and ex-Sky Sports presenter BANNED from swanky golf course that costs £100,000 to be a member

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PREMIER LEAGUE cult Jimmy Bullard is out of putt luck.

That’s after being banned from a swanky golf where it costs £100,000 to be a member.

Jimmy Bullard was given the chop from a golf club which costs £100,000 for membership[/caption]

Bullard, 45, lit up the Premier league with Wigan, Fulham and Hull during a glittering career which ended in 2012.

He then moved into the world of TV, becoming a household name on the beloved former Sky Sports show Soccer AM.

Both as a player and pundit, Bullard was revered by fans up and down the country for his quirky humour and brilliant bravado.

But his cheeky behaviour also extends to the golf course too.

Bullard used to be a member of the exclusive Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire.

The swanky course costs a one-off £92,000 to become a full member.

And those accepted also have to pay an annual fee of £9,500.

But Bullard was given the boot after a hilarious incident at a charity golf game earlier this year.


Bullard’s beer-fuelled antics did not go down well with club chiefs[/caption]

While horsing around after a few drinks, Bullard thought it would be a funny idea to tee a ball off a Peroni bottle.

The incident did not go down well with club chiefs though, who promptly revoked Bullard’s membership.

And he is still barred to this day, with Bullard telling Stephen Hendry: “I’m not allowed to go again.

“I had a few drinks and I got carried away. I put a Peroni off the first tee and clipped a ball off it.

“It’s obviously not the thing to do so I apologise.

“If there are any Sunningdale members watching, I do apologise. I really want to come back.”

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