Raymond van Barneveld forced to move wedding to Julia following his success ahead of World Series of Darts finals

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RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD has been forced to move his wedding with Julia Evans because of the World Series of Darts finals.

The darts star is currently ranked 12th in the rankings for the tournament that has been scheduled for the day before his wedding.

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Raymond van Barneveld has had to postpone his wedding to Julia Evans[/caption]
The couple’s wedding was one day after the World Series of Darts finals[/caption]
Instagram @raybar180
They got engaged in Paris in 2022[/caption]


The World Series of Darts finals will take place in Amsterdam with a prize fund of £300,000 between September 15 and 17.

Van Barneveld, 56, had booked his wedding to Julia for September 18 after announcing his attention to marry his fiancee.

But due to the likely hood of his participation in the World Series of Darts finals, he has moved his wedding to the following day as reported by Darts News.

The happy couple started officially dating back in April 2019, however, they were caught kissing in a hotel in February by The Sun.

The darts legend romantically proposed to lover Julia Evans in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background in February 2022.

Van Barneveld has been married once before, but his previous marriage to Sylvia Walraven ended after 25 years following him being pictured with Julia.

The Dutchman’s relationship with Sylvia had reportedly been strained by his time away from home at tournaments, and in summer 2018, Sylvia was robbed at gunpoint while he was competing.

And Evans, 37, has previously told Art About the Floor that she sees a long and happy future with the Dutchman.

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They have been officially dating since April 2019[/caption]
Julia often goes to watch Raymond competeRex

She commented: “I want to grow old with him. I don’t rule out marriage.”

She added that they first met at a darts tournament in Southampton, saying: “We started talking and chatted with each other for a while. There was a real click, which surprised me too.

“He is patient and sweet. I understand him and he me. I think we fit well together.”

Van Barneveld is not the first darts star to have to move his wedding due to competitions.

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The couple are excited to be wed[/caption]

Dimitri Van den Bergh also had to move his wedding after he was invited to the World Series tournaments in New Zealand and Australia.

The Belgian ace will now get married next summer to his partner Evi Layaerts.

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