Ronnie O’Sullivan breaks down in tears as he recalls dad’s last words to him before being jailed for murder

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RONNIE O’SULLIVAN broke down in tears as he recalled his father’s final words to him before going to prison.

O’Sullivan’s dad Ronnie Sr was jailed for murder in 1992 – the year his son turned professional at snooker.

Ronnie O’Sullivan got emotional remembering when his dad was sent to prison for murder[/caption]
Ronnie Sr spent 18 years behind bars as his son became the greatest snooker player of all timeRex

O’Sullivan Sr stabbed Bruce Bryan, the driver of notorious gangster Charlie Kray, to death in a Chelsea nightclub.

He spent 18 years behind bars before his release in 2010.

However, O’Sullivan Jr choked up when he remembered what his dad said when he was sentenced.

Speaking in a new documentary The Edge Of Everything, the greatest snooker player of all time said: “My dad was being carted off, he’d been sentenced, he just looked up to the woman and [gets emotional and wipes away tears] you get a bit emotional sometimes don’t you.”

After regaining his composure, the Rocket, 47, added: “He just said, ‘Tell my boy to win’.

“Typical. ‘Just tell my boy to win’.

“That was it. F***ing 30 years ago.

“Part of me was thinking, ‘F*** you and f*** this, just f*** everybody.’


“The healthiest thing for me to do was probably to stop playing snooker. But I didn’t, I just felt compelled to stick with it.”

O’Sullivan had to bring up his eight-year-old sister Danielle when his mother was also imprisoned in 1996 for tax evasion.

And the Essex potter has spoken openly and candidly about his struggles with mental health and addiction over the years.

He continued: “I didn’t want to blame everything on that situation with my dad, but I was thinking, ‘l’d rather not have the snooker’, just a normal family, forget the snooker, whatever normal life is.

“Because… it was a dream, but looking back, it was a nightmare. I wasn’t good at having all this stuff locked inside me.

“People could see that I was imploding. If I had really let it all out they’d have locked me up.

“They’d have said he’s a danger to himself. Just self-doubt and self-sabotage and hatred towards myself.”

O’Sullivan this week pulled out of the upcoming Champion of Champions tournament to concentrate on his health.

The seven-time world champion cited exhaustion and stress as he explained his decision to withdraw.

O’Sullivan speaks openly about his mental health struggles[/caption]
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