Ronnie O’Sullivan reveals he considered a hip replacement to up his snooker game – and even wanted to AMPUTATE HIS LEG

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RONNIE O’SULLIVAN says he considered a hip replacement to boost his snooker game — even though there was nothing wrong with the joint.

The medical procedure is often needed by elderly people due to long-term wear and tear.

Ronnie O’Sullivan has revealed he considered hip replacement and sawing off his leg[/caption]
Rocket Ronnie reveals the lengths he would go to improve his game in his Amazon Prime Video documentary

But years ago, the Rocket devised the barmy idea after an admission he contemplated sawing off his left leg and replacing it with a wooden one to improve his stance.

Clutching the right side of his body, O’Sullivan — who turns 48 next month — said: “I thought once about having a hip replacement.

“I thought my hip was swivelling too much, which didn’t allow me to get on shots right.

“So I asked my dad, ‘What do you reckon? I’m thinking of getting a new hip. If I get this hip solid, I’d never miss’.

“It’s a repetitive sport. If I can repeatedly get in the right line — with my talent — I should never lose.

“He thought I was crazy but I thought it was quite a  sensible sort of thing.

“I know I’m a bit mad but I was a purist. I wanted to play snooker. I wanted to win titles and it meant so much to me.”

It is one of the bizarre revelations in a new documentary called Ronnie O’Sullivan: The Edge of Everything, which is  released this week in cinemas and on Amazon Prime Video.

It focuses on how he became the sport’s greatest cueist and covers his battles with depression, dysfunctional upbringing and how he considered quitting snooker when his dad was sent to prison for murder in 1992.

He said: “People listen to the chaos in my life and can’t believe how I can play snooker.

“I say it’s the only time I truly get peace — no one can get to me. I’m safe here.”

A camera crew followed O’Sullivan behind the scenes as he won a record-equalling seventh world title in 2022.

It captures the doubts and worries he suffered in his dressing room during the two-day final with Judd Trump.

He won 18-13 but bared his soul to psychiatrist Steve Peters during the four sessions, saying: “I feel ill with pressure. It’s f***ing horrible. I hate it.”

The world No 1, who is seen having a crafty cigarette while hanging out of a Crucible window, ended up holding his nerve to win the final session to bank the £500,000 top prize.

Afterwards he had a long and emotional hug with Trump — and that private conversation is revealed for the first time.

O’Sullivan opens up in The Edge Of Everything
A camera followed O’Sullivan as he went on to win the 2022 World Championship

O’Sullivan, who was mic’d-up during the final, said: “Enjoy your snooker. Don’t let them burn you out. Pick and choose.

“You’re too good to let these f***ers ruin you.


“You’re a good boy. I’ll always have time for you. I respect you. Love you, man. I can’t believe this. It f***ing kills me.”

Trump, 34, replied: “Best achievement. Best player of all time. F***ing love you, man.

“This is incredible. So much hard work and graft. You f***ing deserve everything.”

Ronnie O’Sullivan: The Edge of Everything is available exclusively in cinemas across UK and  Ireland on Tuesday, November 21, and launches on Prime Video on Thursday, November 23. Theatrical release includes a live Q&A with Ronnie, executive producer David Beckham, and director Sam Blair

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