Six ways to win with Dream Team this season – more prize winners than ever before guaranteed!

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DREAM TEAM is available to play right now and this season guarantees more prize winners than ever before!

Here’s SIX ways you can win in 2023/24.

Your knowledge of the beautiful game could work wonders for your bank balance[/caption]

1. Mega Jackpot

Our beloved fantasy game is once again free to play with a £50,000 jackpot awarded to the overall winner at the end of the campaign.

Last season, we dished out cash prizes to the four runners-up but this season we’re paying out £1,000 each to the next TWENTY runners-up!

2. Weekly Wins

Additionally, we’re handing out £100 to the gaffer who earns the most points each Gameweek – meaning you only need to get your team spot on for just a handful of fixtures to enhance your bank balance.

With at least two transfers available every Gameweek this season, Dream Team bosses will easily be able to tailor their teams to the fixtures at hand and target the £100 weekly payout.

3. It’s Not Over Yet…

We’re also offering £5,000 for the winner of the Second Shot League which runs from January 24th until the final fixture – giving gaffers who stuttered throughout the first half of the season a chance to start afresh.

The Second Shot League is open to all and you’ll automatically be entered no matter the state of your XI – £5,000 goes to the gaffer who earns the most points in the second half of the campaign.

Prove your Football IQ with Dream Team this season[/caption]

4. Score Predictor

Outside of Dream Team’s iconic fantasy game, there’s plenty of cash to be won playing Score Predictor – a simple and satisfying game that asks you to predict how the weekend’s action will play out.

The person with the clearest foresight for scores and results this season will bank £3,500 while the runner-up will take home £1,000, with a further £500 going to the proverbial bronze medalist.

5. More Weekly Wins!

There’ll be weekly prizes for Score Predictor too, including highly-desired games consoles from Xbox and PlayStation – there’s a PS5 up for grabs in Matchweek 1!

Just like with Dream Team’s fantasy game, your instincts for the beautiful game only need to be razor sharp for one set of fixtures to land a prize.

We’re dishing out the dosh this year![/caption]

6. Experience Points Prize Draws

This season, Dream Team managers will earn Experience Points (XP) by playing games and registering specific achievements.

Essentially, the more engaged with Dream Team you are throughout the year the more XP points you’ll earn; so dive head first into the fantasy game, Score Predictor, Higher or Lower, and any other offerings that may crop up.

The more XP points you earn the higher your level in our Loyalty Programme.

Every month there will be prize draws with better prizes allocated to those belonging to the higher levels:

  • Level 1 prize – Nike Premier League academy football
  • Level 2 prize – Premier League or EFL football shirt of winner’s choice
  • Level 3 prize – £150 Amazon voucher
  • Level 4 prize – Nintendo Switch
  • Level 5 prize – PlayStation 5
  • Level 6 prize – iPhone 14 (or newer)

Taking every avenue into consideration, it’s possible that 100+ people could win a prize via Dream Team throughout the Game Year – good luck!

Cash prizes now available worldwide, see T&Cs for list of excluded territories. Non-cash prizes are available to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland only. Winners outside these territories will win cash alternatives.

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