The Las Vegas models who swapped careers to become £150-a-round golf caddies and work for Platinum Tees

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TO a golfer, a caddy is their confidant as they negotiate their way through the tricky terrain of a nine or 18-hole course.

Not only are they tasked with carrying your bags and finding your ball, caddies are often on hand to advise you what club to use when you’re stuck in a rut.

Meet the most beautiful golf caddies in the world
Platinum Tees provide models trained to be great caddies

However, they don’t all look as good as these ladies.

Launched in 2007, Las Vegas company Platinum Tees provide the best looking caddies you’re ever likely see.

From £150, you’ll have the pleasure of spending a few hours with a gorgeous model, who has been trained to be a caddy.

But be warned, they might just put you off your swing…


Platinum Tees was the brainchild of former showgirl and Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls performer Laura Diane and her husband Jay Rebholz.

The pair first launched model and talent agency Platinum Models, before teaming that idea up with Platinum Tees – a caddy service like no other.

It started out as a nice way for the models to make extra money on the side. Now, many of our models are full time caddies rather than full time models

Laura Diane

From 1,200 models, Laura and Jay carefully picked and trained the beauties to accompany golfers on courses in Scottsdale, Las Vegas and San Diego.

The stunning models will help you pick the right club on the course
Punters are carted around in golf buggies by the beautiful caddies
The models are frequently seen on golf courses in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and San Diego
Platinum Tees girls will be a great hand getting you out the rough
The beautiful caddies always come with a smile

“We wanted a way for our models to make some extra money when the conventions, commercials, events, and photoshoots were slow,” Diane told SunSport.

“We figured getting to be outside on beautiful Las Vegas golf courses with happy guests excited to be in town was a great way to spend the day when the models weren’t working trade shows or doing photoshoots.

“It started out as a nice way for the models to make extra money on the side.

“Now, many of our models are full time caddies rather than full time models.”

Incredibly, Platinum Tees has caddied over 17,000 rounds since it was first formed.

They have also provided models for TV shows on the Golf Channel, Fox Sports, ESPN, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, NBC, CBS and many more.

Across America some of the models have been booked for golf tournamentts
Since 2007 Platinum Tees caddies have caddied over 17,000 rounds of golf for their clients
Co-owner Laura Diane revealed it’s a great way for the models to make money on the side
Platinum Tees have provided models for TV shows on the Golf Channel and ESPN
The caddies are always on hand to help you find your ball


As well as exclusive partnerships with many of the world’s top golf courses, Platinum Tees caddies have caddied over 300 tournaments.

Those include, The Mirage Hotel’s annual Corporate Golf Tournament for the past six years, as well as American Football star Russell Wilson’s Golf Tournament in Seattle.

And rest assured, these girls know what they are doing having been professional trained.

Advanced caddies have been booked over 800 times, while Platinum Tees’ novice caddies have caddied upwards of 50 times.

Rates range from £150-£175 per caddy, depending on which city you book in.

The gorgeous caddies will spend a few hours with you on the course for a starting price of £150
Advanced caddies have been booked over 800 times
A golfer can expect ‘amazing hospitality” from a Platinum Tee caddy, according to owner Laura Diane
Find your perfect caddy with Platinum Tees

Diane said: “A golfer can expect amazing hospitality from a beautiful and golf knowledgeable Platinum Tee golf caddy.

“Our caddies are ambassadors of fun and make any day out on the golf course a memorable one.


“We have clients that have been with us since day one all the way to new golfers that are very inexperienced out on the golf course.

“Our caddies can handle both!  We have guests that say, ‘I’ve never played so well in my whole life!  I was nervous about having such a beautiful caddy with me, but it turns out she actually made me a better golfer.’

“The Platinum Tees will meet you with a smile and leave you with one the most memorable golf games you’ve ever played.”

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