Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s TGL golf league postponed until 2025 after severe damage to purpose-built SoFi Center

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TGL have confirmed that the new high-tech golf league will be postponed until early 2025.

The news comes as a major blow to backers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who have gathered some of the top players in the sport for their new venture.

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The SoFi Arena was battered by a storm in the Florida area

The purpose-built Sofi Arena sustained severe damage as the white roof had fallen through after a storm that ravaged the Florida area.

The incident happened on Wednesday as shocking footage of the league’s home emerged on social media.

SoFi Centre is a 250,000-square-foot venue that was to accommodate approximately 1,600 people on match nights.

But now that will not happen until 2025 as it will not be possible to repair the venue in time.

Power failure was the apparent reason for the roof collapse on the arena as it deflated the dome.

TGL will not be able to start any later than the January date that was originally slated for the 2024 calendar, due to its broadcast deal with ESPN, and a stacked sporting calendar.

It was slated to fill in for Monday Night Football NFL on ESPN once the football season had concluded.

The league was set to feature team competitions in an indoor setting, with a simulator used for long shots and a manipulable green for short game shots.

TGL brass confirmed that the league launch will now be postponed until early 2025.

A statement read: “A failure of the temporary power system and backup systems used during construction caused the dome to deflate, which caused damage to the air-supported dome section of the site.

“Following discussions with key partners, incuding players, our six team ownership groups, PGA Tour leadership and our commercial partners … the decision has been made to postpone the start of the TGL season until early 2025.”

The league was founded by McIlroy, Tiger Woods and executive Mike McCarley.

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