TV legend Helen Chamberlain has Soccer AM prop returned to her that only true fans of iconic show will remember

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FORMER Soccer AM host Helen Chamberlain has been reunited with an iconic prop from her days on the show.

The fan favourite programme left our TV screens at the end of last season after almost 30 years on Sky.

Helen Chamberlain has been gifted an old prop from her days on Soccer AM
X @HellsBellsy
Helen was given the ‘Fox in the box’ by an old friend who still works at Sky[/caption]

Helen is a legend of the show and hosted it for 22 YEARS before she left in 2017.

Now some six years later and she has been gifted a old prop from the studio to remind her of her days on the show.

The 56-year-old was given the “Fox in The Box” by a friend who still works at Sky.

The unusual piece of the set was a taxidermy fox inside a clear box that represented the football cliche.

Helen took to X (formerly Twitter) to tell her fans the story of how she got her hands on the piece of history.

She wrote: “Have always kept in touch with Bobbie from Soccer AM. He’s still at Sky.

“Today he messaged me ‘Want to look after this?’ And then drove it over. They cleared out a container and he rescued it for me! #FoxInTheBox”

Since leaving Soccer AM Helen has had a relatively quiet life alongside the occasional bit of presenting.


She has hosted an array of darts competitions, but has now turned to her unusual new love of farming.

Back in 2020 Helen told The Athletic that she knew she wanted to get back to work on her farm as soon as she was done with the show.

She said: “I spent nearly half my life sitting on that sofa. I was there for nearly 23 years.

“That’s a long time to have any job, never mind a job in broadcasting. I had the farm to see to.

“I wanted to rescue more dogs and breed sheep and chickens. So I didn’t have time for Saturday mornings anymore.”

The fox can be seen in the background on the set of Soccer AM in 2003Rex
Helen focuses on farming these daysRex
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