Unearthed footage shows F1 row that TV missed as Verstappen and Ocon both see their laps ruined

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UNEARTHED footage has shown what TV missed about Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon’s row as both drivers saw their laps ruined.

As Ocon passed the world champion just before the final corner, the Red Bull driver thought he had lost his chance for a pole position during the Q1 at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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Unearthed footage shows the F1 row that TV missed as Verstappen and Ocon both see their laps ruined.[/caption]
Max Verstappen won his 14th race this season at the Las Vegas Grand Prix on the weekend[/caption]

Winning the world title is not enough for Verstappen, who wants to finish the year with more victories.

Despite the Red Bull driver clinching his 14th win of the season on the weekend, a video has revealed how it could have been a different story.

In Q1 Ocon overtook Verstappen’s moments before the run-in which ruined both drivers’ hot laps.

The clash pushed the Dutch driver to the third spot before the race, trailing behind Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, while Ocon was handed the 16th starting spot.

The champ was heard shouting “What a stupid idiot!” over the radio about Ocon who was originally criticised for nearly causing a crash.

But a new clip which emerged on social media has sparked debate as it has shown a few seconds before the turn-one clash.

Some fans have continued to back Verstappen whereas others have come to Ocon’s defense.

One fan said: “Let’s hope Esteban Ocon never gets in a championship-winning car, they will be dark times indeed.”


Another added: “What was Ocon thinking during overtaking Max on the last corner??? Lmao.”

However a third added: “He braked so late for turn 1 to ruin Ocon’s lap, he couldn’t stay on track. Verstappen should be penalised. End of.”

Verstappen swiftly made it into Q2 at this point but Ocon was fighting for a top spot position which he missed out on.

The Alpine driver later was asked about the incident and called it “a joke” and said he had no choice after running into traffic earlier in the session.

He told RaceFans: “The difference between me and him is that I have to do that lap because I had traffic in that first lap.

“So I lost some time on that first lap. And if I don’t do the second one, I’m out.

“He has plenty of pace so he can afford not to do his second lap.”

“So that was it. The difference between me and Max is that Max is third, I’m 17th.”

Ocon’s low starting point left him with an uphill battle and only managed to finish the race in Nevada in 16th place.

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