Usher’s Super Bowl arrival outfit while wearing ‘bed sheets’ leaves fans stunned as they joke ‘me going from couch nap’

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NFL fans questioned music icon Usher’s outfit choice as he was spotted arriving at Allegiant Stadium before his highly-anticipated performance.

The 44-year-old is one of the world’s biggest musical stars and was slammed by NFL fans on Sunday ahead of his Super Bowl Halftime show for showing up to the stadium in “bed sheets.” 

Usher stunned fans with his outfit before his halftime show[/caption]
Usher arrived at the Allegiant stadium ahead of his performance[/caption]

Usher was seen walking in the Las Vegas Raiders stadium, donning a unique ensemble.

The eight-time Grammy-winning artist wore an all-black sweatsuit with a blanket-like texture stitched onto his garment.

NFL viewers and music fans took to social media to react to Usher’s attire, with many fans teasing him for his outfit.

“As a regular blanket wearer, I’m glad he’s making it fashionable,” this fan said.

“Usher look like me going from couch nap to my actual bed,” another joked.

“It’s Usher; he can do what he wants…But is this game at Lambeau or in Vegas!?” a third stated.

“I wonder if he brought that from the hotel,” another teased.

“This is 100% me walking from bed to the couch when the puppy starts howling at 4am,” a fifth declared.

As for his actual halftime performance, Usher entertained fans despite suffering a few blunders.

Usher graced the Super Bowl with his presence, but he suffered a major technology malfunction during the big show.

As fans screamed and dancers surrounded him, fans at home could barely hear the singer.

At the very beginning of his epic performance, the sound from his microphone cut in and out.

The giant microphone that stretched across his face and covered half of his mouth just wasn’t cutting it.

He also almost fell during his performance when he was on roller skates.

The R&B singer rolled out in a sparkly blue suit and roller skates – along with his backup dancers.

However, nearing the end of the song, Usher rolled between Will.I.Am’s legs and seemingly caught himself before falling to the ground.

He brushed off the almost-blunder, twirled around on his skates, and continued his performance.

Usher and Alicia Keys performed during halftime show[/caption]
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