Who is Tom Stoltman and when did he become the World’s Strongest Man?

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TOM Stoltman made history when he became the first Scot to win the World’s Strongest Man title.

Here we take a look inside the life and career of ”The Albatross”.

Tom Stoltman is a professional strongman competitor[/caption]

Who is Tom Stoltman?

Tom ”The Albatross” Stoltman was born in 1994, in Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands.

He is a British professional strongman competitor and has been crowned the winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition two consecutive times.

At aged five, Stoltman was diagnosed with autism – which he has opened up about in the past and called the condition “just a hurdle”.

As a keen sportsman in his early years, Tom, who was inspired by his brother Luke’s success as Scotland’s Strongest Man, took up weight training in the local gym at the age of 16.

Within a year, Tom’s potential started shining through – so much so Luke decided to take him under his wing and guide him through training for strongman.

Mentored by Luke, Tom went on to become one of the most successful British athletes in the history of the sport.

He told Sunday Post: “I watched World’s Strongest Man on TV a few times when I was young, but I was more interested in football at that point.

“I started going to the gym at 16 with some mates, but it was just a bit of fun, nothing big.

“At 17, Luke took me under his wing and said we’d do it seriously.

“I’d got a buzz when I saw Luke competing in his first Scotland’s Strongest Man competition, so I thought I’d give it a go.

“There was a gym a half-hour from where we live that had all the kit. I got into it and loved it.”

Tom entered his first competition aged 18, which saw him crowned Highlands Strongest Man – and that was only the beginning of his success.

He is also a multiple world record holder, in both the Giants Live’s light set of Castle Stones (220-396pounds) and in lifting the heaviest Atlas Stone to date at 630pounds, as per Giants Live.

When he’s not competing, Stoltman watches his beloved Rangers FC.

As well as finding success, the strongman has also been lucky in love.

Stoltman is married to wife Sinead – who he met when they were just 17 at a local music festival.

When did Tom Stoltman become the World’s Strongest Man?

Stoltman is only the tenth man in the competition’s history to win the title twice.

He was first crowned the World’s Strongest Man in 2021, and then again in 2022 – beating out contenders Martins Licis and Brian Shaw.

In 2023, Tom was aiming to become the seventh man in history to win the World’s Strongest Man title at least three times.

Unfortunately for Stoltman, he had to settle for the runners-up position, after Mitchell Hooper claimed the title for the first time in his career.

Who is Tom Stoltman’s brother Luke?

Luke ”The Highland Oak” Stoltman, born in Invergordon in 1984, is the eldest of the Stoltman brothers.

At 6’3″ 353pounds, he is also the smaller of the two, but this has far from held him back from forging a successful career.

Initially training as a bodybuilder, Luke later became more interested in strength, entering and winning his first contest aged 27 – a local deadlift competition in 2011.

This led to him participating in the Highlands Strongest Man in 2012 – where he again placed first.

Luke then went on to win Europe’s Strongest Man, the Giants Live World Tour Finals, and Scotland’s Strongest Man (five times).

He has also competed at the World’s Strongest Man eight times – reaching the final on four occasions.

The duo also have a YouTube channel, @StoltmanBrothers, in which they refer to themselves as “The World’s Strongest Brothers” to their 228K subscribers.

They also run an online coaching service called Stoltman Strength Academy and and sell merchandise according to their website.

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