WWE boss Vince McMahon, 76, works out at 3am with personal trainer after RAW and SmackDown and shows ‘he’s a meathead’

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WWE boss Vince McMahon is still a ‘meathead’ due to his incredible 3am workouts despite being aged 76.

The billionaire, who lives in a sprawling £32million mansion, is still showing no signs of slowing down.

Vince McMahon still keeps in stunning shape despite turning 76[/caption]
The billionaire has a personal trainer that he leads him through 3am workouts[/caption]

His workout habits have become a wrestling legend, with many former stars and staff members revealing how the icon rarely sleeps due to his schedule.

Now current WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E has added to that list when asked about the boss’ workout habits.

And he admitted he feels sorry for McMahon’s personal trainer.

The SmackDown star recently told the Hollywood Raw podcast: “He has a personal trainer and this poor guy.

“We have these long drives, pre-pandemic, and we’ll get in around two or three in the morning and his personal trainer has been standing outside the whole time waiting for him because he’ll come in and work out after shows and after long drives.

“This man is in his 70s and he’s working out hard.

“He’s a meathead in a way.”

McMahon fell in love with wrestling after being taken to a show by his biological father, Vincent, who he did not meet until he was 12.

That instant connection sparked a lifelong dream and he assumed control of the company (then known as WWF) in 1982.

McMahon bought out rivals WCW and ECW and still runs WWE day-to-day in his dual roles of chairman and CEO.

At one point facing bankruptcy, McMahon has turned WWE into the biggest wrestling company.

Its net worth in 2020 is estimated to be around $5.6billion with McMahon’s own personal fortune put at an eye-watering $1.95bn.

Vince McMahon pictured with daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H[/caption]


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